We work with clients to understand their requirements and advise on an appropriate investment strategy. We leverage our experience and market knowledge to source properties, both on and off-market. We can manage the due diligence process in its entirety i.e. asset underwrite, acquisition process, sourcing funding and overseeing the legal and building diligence.


We devise business plans for client’s individual assets or portfolios. Thereafter, we implement these plans efficiently and effectively. The journey from acquisition, thru asset stabilisation or value maximisation, culminating in a sale or a longer-term hold, is never straightforward. There are always challenges along the way. Implementing asset management plans requires creativity and adaptability.


We have an in-depth knowledge of the commercial real estate lending landscape in Ireland at present across both pillar banks and alternative lenders. As an independent advisor, we source our clients the most suitable finance in the market depending on their requirements i.e. development, investment, pension borrowing, refinancing or equity releases.


We are available to work with clients on bespoke projects, where additional expertise may be required.
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